National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Everyone kept telling me that we HAD to go see the Cowboy Museum while we were in Oklahoma City so we finally made time and visited on April 7th and we were not disappointed. There was a lot of cool Native American exhibits and a pretty garden area, but my favorite was the old western town.  I'm a total sucker for stuff like that. I have to admit that the ghost town we went to in Wyoming, South Pass City, was cooler since it was a real town and we could go inside the buildings, but I still had fun.

They had a cool map of North America that showed where the different Native American tribes were located.

Native American clothes

Native American baby cradles.  I was wishing we had one of those since Quentin refused to stay in his stroller.

Western men and their wives in the military and hunting:

The pretty garden area.  There was a goose and a fish that kept Quentin entertained for a bit.

The children's museum was cute, but my boys are even cuter.

Here's the mock town.  I loved walking down the street and exploring all the buildings.  Quen liked pounding on the bar in the saloon.  There was a map of the rail lines that my hometown was on.  It was a railroad town so it's not a huge surprise.


Amanda said…
I never went to this Museum while I was in Oklahoma. Maybe when I visit next... :)

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