South Pass City

While in Wyoming we decided to take Albert to see something historical. He had hunted and fished plenty of times, so I thought this would be something different. We went to South Pass City, an old gold mining ghost town a couple hours from Green River. We went there when I was about 11 or 12 and so I thought it was time to go again. We just went with my parents, which was fun. I haven't spent a lot of time with just my parents since my brother was born in 1986.

They have a bunch of original structures that you can peek in and see how people lived.  Like any mining town in the middle of nowhere there weren't a lot of women, but there were a lot of bars.

One thing that really stuck out ot me was at the hotel.  It said that strangers would often share beds (bathing wasn't an everyday occurance either) and in the winter they would wake up with ice on their blankets.  I can't imagine how cold it was there in the winter with no heater.  I would be happy to have some stranger to share body heat even if they smelled bad.

It was pretty there, green and open.  It made me appreciate my home state a bit more.  It was windy - totally normal for Wyoming, but I was really loving the weather.  Anything under 98 degrees sounds good these days.

As per tradition, one cannot pass by Farson, WY without getting a giant ice cream.  We got the one scoop!  Look at how big they are.  You can see my dad's better since he was the only one with a cone and of course the one driving - he was having a really hard time eating it down fast enough.  It was so good!  Have you ever seen a group of people over the age of 10 look so happy about ice cream?


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