16 May 2017

Contractor Picked!

Good news! We finally made a decision about our bathroom remodel contractor! So I got back estimates from the contractors that we had already spoke with about making the scope of work smaller and staying in our budget and we got two more estimates from one of the contractors who works with Home Depot and Dreamstyle (who also works with Home Depot according to their business card.)  It's hard to compare estimates since they all include different things.  Some included the shower door, some included additional money for an extra electrical line to be installed, some big materials.

In the end it came down to All-American Design and Construction and Dreamstyle.  All-American had the cheapest labor, but since they only install material from local stores, which I assume are nicer and more expensive, I had no idea how much it would ultimately be.  Plus the hassle of going across town to pick out all of the materials and compare prices seemed like a pain, especially with the kids on summer break starting Monday.

Dreamstyle was right about the same price with my guesstimate of how much the materials with All-American would cost.  They will install anything we want, doesn't matter where it's from, and they will guarantee it as long as it's still in the box.  We have to order everything, which isn't a problem since I have everything picked out from Home Depot and I can get things on-line (plus Albert gets a military discount so that's helpful).  Also he said it will only take 3-4 DAYS to install everything except the shower door, which has to be special ordered after the shower is pretty much done, but it only takes 10-12 days to get.  Every other company said it would take 3-4 WEEKS to do!  It will come in right around our $18k max budget with everything included and installed by them.

We're getting double heat lamps instead of in-floor heating.  The part of Dreamstyle we're dealing with doesn't do in-floor heating and I'm a little worried about it breaking.  If a heat lamp breaks you can install another one really easily, but eventually in-floor heating will break and in order to fix it you have to take out all the tile! Hopefully that will take care of the cold bathroom!

We won't actually get it done for 6-8 weeks, but I want to start ordering the supplies soon in case we have to reorder anything that is broken in shipping.  We also want to get new window coverings get a teak stool for inside the shower and a Chinese garden stool for by the tub (well, I want one, I'm not sure what Albert thinks about that yet).

Hopefully our other contractor will finish up on fixing our patio cover and he can work on the side wall where we want to put our above ground pool!

11 May 2017

Zero Progress Made on Master Bathroom Remodel

So the master bathroom remodel dilemma continues.  We are still waiting for the last of the Home Depot affiliated contractors to get back to us.  The other one was still out of budget and his work didn't seem that great.  They are primarily a cleaning company but also do remodels that they don't advertise anywhere because they get so much business from Home Depot.  They sent some pictures of projects they've done and they weren't very impressive.  

We've been a little disheartened about the whole thing.  Should we just try and do it ourselves even though we don't have the time or expertise to do it or should we scrap the whole idea?   I've been watching HGTV nonstop and for some reason they can gut three bathrooms and a kitchen for $50k, but it costs that much just for one bathroom here New Mexico.  Crazy!

This morning I got a text from one of the contractors who gave us a quote awhile back and I replied back honestly that our budget is about half of what he estimated and we're still waiting back for other estimates.  He said that he would rework the estimate and get back to me, so that makes me really hopeful.  It's funny because I had a dream the other night that my husband told me one of the contractors wanted to revise the estimate he gave us and I was so excited! LOL! 

So I decided to contact a couple of the other contractors and told them the same thing - sorry I hadn't gotten back with them.  Our budget is a hard $18k and we're waiting for other estimates. I pulled back a lot on what we wanted done and told them we would be willing to purchase and install the vanity and toilet ourselves if they could come back with a $15k estimate for the rest of the jobs. We'll see what happens!  Who knew things would be so complicated!

We did stop in DreamStyle remodeling while we were at the mall the other day and set up an appointment with them for tomorrow.  I know they will come in high, but I'm hoping if I tell them straight out about our budget constraints they'll work with us.  I kept bringing up costs during the estimates, but never said what our budget was so we'll see what they say.  

I need to put up pictures of the things we did around the house during my two year hiatus from the blog.  Albert was really busy redoing the guest bedroom/workout room and made us a little mudroom area out of hallway.

01 May 2017

Master Bath Remodel Design

So we've been making cosmetic updates to our house slowly over the past almost four years.  We're finally ready to take the plunge and do a complete update of our master bathroom.  Right now it's just builder grade materials that are covered with hard water stains and everything is the wrong size. The shower is way too small and the tub is way too big. The vanity is very low, as is the toilet.  The grout is coming up on the cheap tiles, it's dark - there is only one light which is above the vanity, and cold in the winter and mornings. Also the blinds are all torn due to damage from the sun.  

We've talked to a couple designers and a few contractors and all of them quoted the job at $30-35k!  When we remodeled our whole condo (all new 1.5 bath, a kitchen refresh, torn down a wall, painted the whole thing, installed a new electrical panel, put up crown molding, and replaced all the outlets and put in dimmer switches, among other small jobs) it cost about $15k and that was just outside of Washington, DC.  We can't imagine paying twice that for just one bathroom in New Mexico.  Our house is not worth that much!

So we have picked out all the products we want to use from Home Depot and we are getting quotes from a couple of contractors who work with Home Depot on Wednesday and hopefully we can get that price down to something reasonable since the materials are so much less expensive there than the ones the contractors/designers we talked to wanted us to use at the more expensive local stores.  So far I'm estimating the cost of the big ticket items to be around $8k so I'm hoping the labor will be around $7k. A pricier contractor estimated the labor to be a little over $8k so it should be in the ballpark. 

We want to enlarge our shower, put in in-floor heating, 2-3 can lights, and replace everything.  Wish us luck! We aren't planning on moving anything (other than the shower and tub faucets and drains will probably have to be moved over a little bit to accommodate the new sizes) so hopefully that will save us some money.

The wall tile is a porcelain carrara marble and is very glossy.  The shower floor tile is a carrara marble in a herringbone pattern, and the floor tile is a rustic, driftwood looking tile which I think is a nice juxtaposition with the wall tile and the other finishes.  The vanity is modern, all wood and hangs from the wall with a carrara marble top.  The tub is a small, but pretty free-standing tub with a wall-mounted faucet.  

14 September 2015

First Trimester Outfits

Here are some of my favorite outfits I made during my first trimester.  This time around my belly really popped early!  That uterus is all stretched out :) I wore some maternity tops, but mostly flowy non-maternity tops.  I wore my bigger jeans with hair ties holding them closed and a belly band I bought on Amazon.

I have had a lot of fun coming up with creative outfits using Dressing Your Truth.  It's always hard gaining a bunch of weight and feeling crappy, but dressing in colors and styles that really work for your energy type is amazing.  I feel so much more confident this time around.  I can stay true to myself even though another person is taking over my body :)

I was pretty nauseous so I ate whatever sounded good all the time.  The only thing that helped me feel better was eating constantly and preggy pop drops.  I was also really tired so I cut back on my workouts.

07 September 2015

The Boys in August

The boys love going to Trader Joe's and pushing the mini shopping cart around.  It's on the other side of town so we don't get over there very often, but it is definitely something they look forward to :)

Quentin kept coming downstairs after he was supposed to be asleep in bed and instead of going back to bed as we asked him to, he fell asleep on the stairs.  I didn't know he was there and it scared me :)

They opened a new frozen yogurt place and gave out lots of coupons for free yogurt.  The boys had lots of fun eating and most of the time sharing a cup.

Our friends invited us over for s'mores.  The boys had never eaten one before and they were much more into eating just a roasted marshmallow than the whole s'more.  

This is my favorite picture of August :) We took Wyatt to get frozen yogurt after we dropped off Quentin at the bus stop (shhhh! don't tell him!) and he made sure he got every last drop of that yogurt!

Here is a video of the boys listening to the baby's heart beat at one of our appointments :)


24 August 2015

Quentin's First Day of Pre-K

There is one pre-school here that is public and is really great, but depending on funding the amount of students is limited.  Luckily this year they let in a lot more kids and Quentin was one of the lucky ones!  Albert took some pictures of the boys on August 17 (we couldn't take pictures of just Quentin because these boys are inseparable).  

He was so excited to ride the bus!  It was pretty much the only thing he talked about for the first month of school.  We would ask him what he was doing at school and how he liked it and he could only talk about what buildings and roads they passed on the way to and from the park we dropped him off at.  He gets to ride the bus with his good friend Ike from church and a friend in his class Javon.

His teachers are Miss Aubrey and Miss Nicole and they are really sweet.  He learns all kinds of new songs and new things all the time.  Quentin is sad when he doesn't get to go to school, which is awesome. Wyatt is always excited when Quentin comes home from school. 

09 August 2015

We're having a baby!

We found out that we were having baby #3 on June 29th!  We texted all our family members, but kept it under wraps until we confirmed it with an ultrasound.

These pictures are from our 9 week ultrasound that was done July 29th where we saw the little arms and legs moving around and heard a strong heart beat!

The baby is due Feb 27th, 6 days after Quentin's birthday and a month before Wyatt's! Plus it's a leap year so he/she could be born Feb 29th.  We're really excited :)

26 July 2015

Beachbody Summit 2015 // July 18

On the morning of Saturday, July 18 we woke up crazy early to check out the superworkout on Broadway.  We snuck up to the front and shimmied our way in :)  There were thousands of people there and we were in the front!

I took these pictures of the celebrity trainers with my phone. We were THAT close :)

I'm wore my new PiYo shirt I bought at the Core.

We went to our workshops were Beachbody coaches gave us tips on being better coaches and people :)

Here are pictures from our general session keynote speaker Dewitt Jones.  He was a photographer for National Geographic.  Honestly I was pretty tired and had a hard time keeping my eyes open during his talk.  Jenelle Summers also talked about social media.

We went to dinner at a Blues place.  I was pretty tired of fried food and BBQ at this point, but the music was good.  


Here are some of team members :)

After dinner we dropped by the end of the celebration.  The best part were the fireworks!


25 July 2015

Beachbody Summit 2015 // July 17

I missed my Cize workout, but I did enjoy the workshops and general session on July 17th.  There were all sorts of people there.  All ages, all sizes.  Mostly white women, but there were men and various races.  There were people with babies and people who smoke (which was confusing, but we're all working on things).

Here's Chalene Johnson at the general session.  It was great to see her live after doing all her workouts and listening to her podcast :)

Here's some of the team after our workshops.

Loren, Jillian, me, Shayla, Elena, Katharine, and Janice

That evening we went to Maragitaville for dinner as a team :)

Back: Jillian, Loren, Stephanie's hubby, Janice, Shayla, & me
Front: Katharine & Stephanie

23 July 2015

Beachbody Summit 2015 // July 16

July 15-20, 2015 I went to Nashville, TN for the Beachbody Summit! My parents were gracious enough to come down to New Mexico to watch my boys while Albert was at work :)  It was the first time I had been away from my kids and hubby since I went to Jordan in July 2010.

On Thursday, July 16 in the morning we went to Melissa McAllister's suite to meet her.  She is a top coach and was in the PiYo at home videos.  She's also my coach's coach so we're sort of on her team.  She's the one with long brown hair in peach in the front.

Thursday afternoon I was able to go to a live PiYo workout with Chalene Johnson and some teammates.  

 I also met up with my old roommate Courtney who is also a Beachbody coach.

We went to the Opening Ceremony on Thursday evening.  Here is a picture with my teammate Katharine. 

We ditched out early and spent the rest of the night at the Core, which is the Beachbody store.  I bought a Cize hat, PiYo shirt, Fixate recipe book, and the Cize program and then waited for my teammates and ride forever.  We were all so tired I didn't get to go to my live Cize workout I was scheduled for the next day.  

I did get to see Tony Horton outside the Core :)


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