20 December 2014

Making Dinner Fit in November

This recipe is from the meal plan I give out with my free five day clean eating plan.  It's pretty darn good and you can warm up the leftovers to eat subsequent days.  Yum!

Egg Frittata 
Serves 4 
Oven at 425 

  • 3 egg whites plus 3 whole eggs 
  • 2 Tbsp milk 
  • 1/2 C crumbled feta cheese 
  • 1 C chopped spinach 
  • 1 Tbsp basil (or oregano) 
  • Pepper to taste 

  1. Whisk eggs with milk. 
  2. Add the spinach, herbs, pepper and feta and combine. 
  3. Coat an 8x8 casserole dish with nonstick cooking spray and pour egg mixture in. 
  4. Bake for 20 minutes or until eggs are set. 
  5. Let stand 5 minutes. 

Per serving: Calories: 135 / Protein: 12g / Carbs: 4g / Fat: 8g / Fiber 1g 


These chicken enchiladas are from my Skinny Taste cookbook and are tasty!

My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is a sweet omelette.  Especially this one! I use 3/4 cup of egg whites and 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder.  The topping is plain non fat Greek yogurt with 1/2 t stevia.  Topped with banana, walnut, and mini chocolate chips.

This recipe is from my Les Mills Pump nutrition guide and is one of my favorite lunches.  

  • 3 oz tuna, packed in water, drained
  • 1 Tbsp. light mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup chopped celery
  • 3 tomato slices
  • 1 cup fresh diced melon
  • 4 pieces whole wheat Melba toast (80 cal)
  1. Mix tuna, mayo, and celery and scoop onto tomato slices. 
  2. Serve with fruit and Melba toast.

18 December 2014

Family Photos

We tried to take family photos before we left Green River, but the wind picked up and it was freezing and our hair was going everywhere.  My brother is great at taking pictures, but there wasn't much we could do about this!

This picture was the best one.  We had to hide in the doorway at a church.  Love these boys :)

16 December 2014

20 Healthy Gifts for Friends & Family

I have been sending out monthly newsletters to all those who are signed up with a free membership and this list was included in December's newsletter. I put it together with the help of my fellow teammates.  I would like any of these so, take note :)

20 Healthy Gifts for Friends & Family 
(or to put your Christmas list!)

  1. Fruit basket, nuts, cheese, popcorn, dark chocolate, whole-wheat bread, Harry & David Gourmet Food
  2. Fancy water bottle [like this one]
  3. Exercise equipment [bosu ball, resistance bands, agility ladder, stability ball]
  4. Gift certificates for an activity [horseback riding, dance classes, see tourist destination, hiking]
  5. Cooking classes [preferably making something healthy]
  6. Cookbook/book on nutrition [my favorite is the new cook book called Skinnytaste]
  7. Personal development book or audiobook [Compound Effect or Push are excellent]
  8. Fitbit or pedometer
  9. Games that require movement [Twister, jump rope, badminton, basketball, tennis racket, roller skates]
  10. Gift card for a massage
  11. Gift card for live exercise class [like PiYo or Insanity!]
  12. Exercise program [like PiYoP90Turbo Jam, or Insanity Max: 30]
  13. Supplements [like Shakeology, P90X Protein Bars, or Quest Bars]
  14. Juicer or blender to make healthy shakes
  15. Bicycle
  16. Quality fitness accessories and clothes [headbandlululemon,Nike]   
  17. Giftcard to make homemade meals [Dream Dinners - they give you all the stuff to make a dinner]
  18. Aerogarden [grow fresh vegetables and herbs in your house, black thumb approved!]
  19. Subscription to magazine [like Health, Fitness, Cooking Light, Eat Well, Living Without]
  20. Fitness Journal [like Lorna Jane and Blogilates]

Traveling Home

Here are my boys the morning before we left (and of course Kitty!) :)  Sweet little guys!

We drove to Evanston, WY to have lunch with my dad before my aunt's funeral.  We went to the viewing and I went to the funeral while the boys cried in the foyer because it was nap time.  It was really nice seeing family members and learning more about my aunt and her life.

We drove through Utah and stayed in Moab again.  Here are some pictures of pretty Utah.

We turned Wyatt's car seat around for the last part of our trip and he was so excited to be able to see!  He could see the tv screen and kept pointing to us saying "mommy, daddy."  I guess it was so novel to be able to see everyone :) We stopped at Family Dollar and bought some toys to keep them entertained.  

14 December 2014

Thanksgiving Day!

All my siblings came to my parent's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  My brother's wife's parents also came so we had a nice number of people there.

Quentin was having a bit of a breakdown right up to when we actually ate.  Wyatt ate early so he could go to bed and Uncle Jesse (my brother) made paper airplanes with the kids.

The meal itself was great! My mom is a nutrition educator so of course it was pretty healthy.  Then I had a bunch of pie so that undid all my healthy eating :)  I did bring my Pump and PiYo workout programs and did that everyday.  My brother Jesse is really into lifting weights at the gym and he took my sister and I to the rec center to workout the day before so I was really sore Thanksgiving day :)

Thanksgiving was also my sister-in-law Jenna's birthday so my mom made her strawberry shortcake.

After dinner Albert and I went to JCPenny's, Herberger's, and Wal-Mart for crazy Black Friday deals.  We don't normally go to Wal-Mart and probably won't be going there again on Black Friday anytime soon.  It was super crazy and unorganized!  We're pretty much done with all the boys' Christmas though, especially Quentin.

12 December 2014

Cuddle Time

The boys LOVED having Dad around so much for a whole week! Wyatt is such a Daddy's boy.  He's always wanting him even first thing in the morning he wanted to snuggle with him :)  Albert and I had babysitters so we went out for lunch!

10 December 2014

Traveling Through Utah

On our way to Wyoming we stayed the night in Moab.  It was dark right before we got to Moab on November 23 when a cougar ran into the back of our van! It was pretty crazy and I've never heard of anyone hitting a mountain lion before.  It broke off a piece of our bumper, but otherwise everything was ok.

We left home earlier than planned so I didn't get a chance to workout at home as I had planned, but I used the workout room at the hotel.  I actually ran a mile and lifted some weights!  Luckily no one was there to witness it since I'm sure it was pretty hilarious :)

Here are the boys right before we loaded back up in the van.  They are so cute if I do say so myself :)

We went through a weird snow storm on our way from Moab to Provo and by the time we got to Provo it was beautiful! Unfortunately I got a call from my biological dad right when we were in Provo and he told me that my Aunt Lanice had passed away from a heart attack.  She was in the hospital getting treatment for bone cancer when it happened, but she had been doing really well so everyone was really shocked by the news.  

My grandma LuGene is in an assisted living home in Provo so we stopped by to see her.  Of course it was right during nap time so Wyatt cried pretty much the whole time.  It was nice to see her anyway :)

We drove up to Evanston, WY and visited with my Grandma who had just lost her daughter early that day.  We didn't take any pictures of it, but we were able to visit with her and my Aunt Mary for a bit. 

08 December 2014

Family in November

I've really been slacking on my posting!  Mostly because we didn't go anywhere cool until the end of the month.  Here are the top seven things that happened in November:

  1. Wyatt started talking!  He's always said little words like Mommy and Daddy, etc. but now he mimics what we say all the time, mostly what Quentin says, which makes it a lot easier to understand since it sounds like what Quentin just said.  He sounds like a drunk guy off of the Simpsons and other times like a mad cat.  It's pretty cute.
  2. We have been having dance parties on the regular.  Mostly right before bed.
  3. Quentin loves to draw and uses up all our paper :)
  4. I have been doing Les Mills Pump and mixing it up with PiYo.  I really like it!
  5. Albert went duck hunting with my dad and brothers and has been obsessed with finding the perfect shot gun.
  6. We visited Wyoming for Thanksgiving!
  7. Albert and I were asked to head up the ward (congregation) Christmas Party with only three weeks to plan (one of those weeks we were in WY for Thanksgiving)

[November 5]

[November 8]

 [November 9]

On Veteran's Day we went to Village Inn for breakfast and Olive Garden for dinner.  I got my hair cut!

 [November 11]

[November 12]

[November 14]

09 November 2014

Making Dinner Fit in October

Since I finished the 21 Day Fix challenge I've been branching out a little more in my food choices.  I still use the containers a lot and I've continued with the workouts.  I just got the Les Mills Pump program so I'm deciding when I want to start that challenge.  I want to sneak it in before the 21 Day Fix Extreme comes out in early February, which I'm super excited about.  It has a different meal plan and tougher workouts.  Sounds awesome!

These are my favorite food from October!  When I get a sweet tooth, which is always, I like to cut up an apple, spray it with coconut oil and sprinkle stevia and cinnamon and pop it in the toaster oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or so.  Then I spray a little whipped cream and it is truly delicious.  

This is my favorite breakfast.  I have always loved Cream of Wheat and I was so happy to find a whole-grain version with 1 gram of sugar at Wal-Mart.  Strawberries taste so good with lemon juice.  It's all super delicious and filling.  I like to eat my breakfast around 9 AM and eat a lot all at once and then skip a morning snack.  I really like the 8 Hr Abs Diet, which you can get for free here if you're looking to change things up a bit and get results without changing anything you eat. 

Albert got the hint when I told him I wanted this cookbook.  I love the blog and have made lots of recipes from it and the cookbook has not disappointed.  I've been making lots of new things from it in the last week post-21 Day Fix.

Here is the recipe for Mongolian Beef & Broccoli.  It is SO good.  Better than take-out for sure.

I really like carrots and lemon juice so this was fantastic.  I guess you'll have to buy the book if you want this recipe because I couldn't find it online.

I haven't had Salisbury Steak in ages and I have definitely never made it before.  It's really yummy and definitely is a comfort food.  I'll be making this again!  You can find the recipe here.

07 November 2014

Halloween Festival & Trick-or-Treating

Breakfast at I-HOP on Halloween has become a bit of a tradition since we've done it two years in a roll now.  Albert gets his free birthday pancakes every October and the boys both get free Halloween pancakes so it's quite the deal.  We did have to wait a bit as everyone else in Albuquerque decided to go to I-HOP with their entire extended family.  The boys were actually pretty well behaved considering they didn't get to eat until like 10 AM and they usually eat as soon as they wake up at 7 AM.  We left full and happy!

Unfortunately Albert had to work that evening so the boys and I were on our own for the traditional Halloween festivities.  There's a church that throws a big Halloween Festival every year at a park that is all free and pretty cool.  We went last year and had fun even though it was super cold.  Luckily this year was much warmer.  

Quentin and Wyatt both had a really great time with all the games and they gave out tons of snacks and candy for each game they played.  They also give out hot dogs and snow cones.  We waited in line for the free face painting for along time, but Quentin and I agreed that we should just cut our losses and head back home for trick-or-treating.

We used the double stroller while we were at the festival, but it was really hard to get Wyatt in and out especially with his giant giraffe costume.  I opted to use our wagon for trick-or-treating which worked well except for getting Quentin in and out.  At the first house he tried to get out on his own and fell down.  Of course the home owner was at the door already giving out candy to another group of kids and though he was crying because he was scared of her Halloween decorations.

Wyatt was pretty tired by this time and I had to carry him a lot. 

We were all pretty tired by the end, but we still took time to go through their loot and have a little treat :)  Now we have to figure out what to do with it all!


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