09 November 2014

Making Dinner Fit in October

Since I finished the 21 Day Fix challenge I've been branching out a little more in my food choices.  I still use the containers a lot and I've continued with the workouts.  I just got the Les Mills Pump program so I'm deciding when I want to start that challenge.  I want to sneak it in before the 21 Day Fix Extreme comes out in early February, which I'm super excited about.  It has a different meal plan and tougher workouts.  Sounds awesome!

These are my favorite food from October!  When I get a sweet tooth, which is always, I like to cut up an apple, spray it with coconut oil and sprinkle stevia and cinnamon and pop it in the toaster oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or so.  Then I spray a little whipped cream and it is truly delicious.  

This is my favorite breakfast.  I have always loved Cream of Wheat and I was so happy to find a whole-grain version with 1 gram of sugar at Wal-Mart.  Strawberries taste so good with lemon juice.  It's all super delicious and filling.  I like to eat my breakfast around 9 AM and eat a lot all at once and then skip a morning snack.  I really like the 8 Hr Abs Diet, which you can get for free here if you're looking to change things up a bit and get results without changing anything you eat. 

Albert got the hint when I told him I wanted this cookbook.  I love the blog and have made lots of recipes from it and the cookbook has not disappointed.  I've been making lots of new things from it in the last week post-21 Day Fix.

Here is the recipe for Mongolian Beef & Broccoli.  It is SO good.  Better than take-out for sure.

I really like carrots and lemon juice so this was fantastic.  I guess you'll have to buy the book if you want this recipe because I couldn't find it online.

I haven't had Salisbury Steak in ages and I have definitely never made it before.  It's really yummy and definitely is a comfort food.  I'll be making this again!  You can find the recipe here.

07 November 2014

Halloween Festival & Trick-or-Treating

Breakfast at I-HOP on Halloween has become a bit of a tradition since we've done it two years in a roll now.  Albert gets his free birthday pancakes every October and the boys both get free Halloween pancakes so it's quite the deal.  We did have to wait a bit as everyone else in Albuquerque decided to go to I-HOP with their entire extended family.  The boys were actually pretty well behaved considering they didn't get to eat until like 10 AM and they usually eat as soon as they wake up at 7 AM.  We left full and happy!

Unfortunately Albert had to work that evening so the boys and I were on our own for the traditional Halloween festivities.  There's a church that throws a big Halloween Festival every year at a park that is all free and pretty cool.  We went last year and had fun even though it was super cold.  Luckily this year was much warmer.  

Quentin and Wyatt both had a really great time with all the games and they gave out tons of snacks and candy for each game they played.  They also give out hot dogs and snow cones.  We waited in line for the free face painting for along time, but Quentin and I agreed that we should just cut our losses and head back home for trick-or-treating.

We used the double stroller while we were at the festival, but it was really hard to get Wyatt in and out especially with his giant giraffe costume.  I opted to use our wagon for trick-or-treating which worked well except for getting Quentin in and out.  At the first house he tried to get out on his own and fell down.  Of course the home owner was at the door already giving out candy to another group of kids and though he was crying because he was scared of her Halloween decorations.

Wyatt was pretty tired by this time and I had to carry him a lot. 

We were all pretty tired by the end, but we still took time to go through their loot and have a little treat :)  Now we have to figure out what to do with it all!

05 November 2014

Bandelier National Monument

On October 29th we finally made it to Bandelier National Monument.  It was a really nice day and I'm glad we got to go before it gets too cold.  I've always want to see the homes of the Ancestral Pueblo people since I was a kid obsessed with all things Native American and finally my dreams were fulfilled :) These people lived in Frijoles Canyon.  The canyon wall rock is volcanic ash called tuff.  It has eroded into a Swiss cheese look.  The Ancestoral Pueblo used tools to enlarge the natural holes in the cliff and made dwellings out of them, which you can see today.  

They also made a village below the cliffs and here is a depiction of what they think the Tyuonyi Pueblo looked like in the 1400's by Louis S. Glanzman.

Outside of the village is the Kiva where all the spiritual and community ceremonies took place.  There was plastered mud ceiling that you could walk on and a ladder where you climbed down. 

The rooms were small, but particularly these ones because they kept their turkeys and food storage on the first floor.

You can see the holes in the side of the cliff and the village down below.

We took the stroller knowing that there are some very narrow stairs.  It wasn't terrible, mostly because Albert was carrying the stroller while I helped the boys down, but I would recommend if you do bring a stroller make it an umbrella stroller and make the older kid walk.

There were some old dwellings that had ladders you could climb up so you could check it out.  The ceilings were smoked black which would harden the tuff.

In 1920 they reconstructed a home to give an idea of how it may have looked back in the 1400's, but they've discovered that it wasn't completely accurate. The door was most likely on the roof not the front of the structure.

There were some ancient drawings on the wall.  I was suprised to read that these people on average lived until they were 35 years old. Life was so different then.  You didn't have time to worry about fulfilling your dreams or figuring out what your life mission was.  Strange to imagine a place where the oldest people were 35.

This dwelling was pretty spacious and we had the whole family up there.

03 November 2014

21 Day Fix Results

I completed the 21 Day Fix challenge on October 26, 2014.  The workouts include boot camp, simple moves, but they really kicked my butt.  I was SO sore the first week, which surprised me since I had been working out on a regular basis for a few months.  I am not a huge fan of cardio, but it got a lot easier as I continued to get up every day and do it.  I really like Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates, and Yoga and I like Dirty 30.

In the end I lost 2.6 lbs and 4.25 inches in three weeks.  I didn't think I would lose that many inches! This program really works!  I liked it a lot and would definitely recommend it especially to those who need to get their nutrition on track, which is a constant struggle for me.  You can see more definition in my abs for sure.  Here are my before and afters:

01 November 2014

Fall Festival

There is a nice festival every fall here in New Mexico that is FREE.  We went last year and lots of fun so we wanted to go again this year.  Quentin was talking about riding these trackers since last year even though they are too big for him and they can't really drive them.

Both boys really enjoyed feeding the goats :)

Wyatt LOVED petting the pigs and we had to drag him away crying.  Frankly I was a little scared for the pigs because he kept grabbing at them, but it was really cute :)

Rolling tires is harder than you'd think, and less fun, but the boys insisted :)

Playing in the corn pit was a lot of fun until a huge group of school kids came and started throwing corn and we had to leave suddenly.  I think it would be more fun to have a corn pit than a sandbox.

They had mini golf and this cool ball launcher we played with as well.

We also snapped a family pic!


30 October 2014

21 Day Fix // Week 3 (3 Day Quick Fix)

I'm DONE!! I love finishing a challenge.  It feels great!  Very few things make me feel better about myself than setting a goal and then accomplishing it and these challenges are a perfect set-up for doing just that.

For the last week I doubled up on my workouts, which was harder than expected.  I was tired and sore, but it was a good experience.  I'm glad to be down to one workout a day though :)

My favorite part of the challenge was the last three days when I did the 3 Day Quick Fix.  It is only to be done for three days.  You have six meals everyday with six proteins, two grains, and four vegetables.  So no fruit and no salt. It was hard, but I felt good while doing it.  I watched some videos of people reviewing the 3 Day Quick Fix and most complained that they were hungry.  I definitely wasn't hungry, but if I missed my two hour window it wasn't pretty.

I'd really recommend doing some serious prep work before you start so you aren't cooking all day.  I had actually gained a couple pounds during the challenge and I lost four pounds in three days (more than I lost during the 3 Day Refresh).

Here are my meals from the 3 Day Quick Fix:




28 October 2014

Halloween Carnival & Trunk-or-Treat

Every year our church congregation (ward) puts on a Halloween carnival followed by a trunk-or-treat.  We bought Quentin a vampire costume, but it was too big so when I came across this construction hat I figured we could pull together a Quentin the Construction Worker (or engineer) costume.  

Quentin had a good time going around to all the carnival games and I enjoyed eating his donut and cupcake (I tried to share with everyone else, but they weren't interested for some reason).  Wyatt really liked throwing the bean bag and kept wanting to go back.  Too bad we didn't get more pictures!

After the carnival was the trunk-or-treat.  They had a trunk decorating competition but we didn't compete this year.  Just getting these really basic costumes put together was all we could manage on a Tuesday night (funny it's actually our Saturday night so we really don't have an excuse).  Albert had all sorts of ideas afterwards though so maybe next year!  

This is the one pic we got of Wyatt in his lion costume. He was actually really good at keeping the hat on and even gave me this nice smile :)  The boys got some candy, mostly dum-dums and smarties, but those are their favorites anyway.

26 October 2014

Balloon Fiesta Park

Every year Albert's work has a drawing for getting tickets to the Balloon Fiesta.  Usually you can only get them every other year, but since no one wanted to go they offered tickets to the Fiesta on October 12.  Like last year the only tickets available were for the last day of the fiesta on Sunday morning.  I'd rather not go on a Sunday, but it's really cool and it's free for us.

Unfortunately it was windy the morning we went so they didn't get to fly.  They tried to blow up the balloons, but even that didn't go so well.

They have an old firetruck to carry around the firetruck balloon.  It was something to look at while we were wandering around freezing.  We tried to dress warm, but a full coat would have been better.

As soon as one balloon started inflating there was a mass migration from all over the field to check it out.

Getting the New Mexico balloon up.

Here is a video of them blowing up the balloon:


And another...


This one started to go down the moment it got up.

Pictures from around the park.

24 October 2014

21 Day Fix // Week 2

Week 2 was much easier on my body :) I wasn't nearly as sore as I was during week 1. I haven't been as diligent about the diet and that's starting to become more apparent. I can see my muscles are getting bigger, especially in my arms. Albert has been great about working out and bringing healthy food to work. 

For breakfast last week we had berries and grapes and melon, but I didn't have the melon.  I like to mix my fruit with lemon juice and a little bit of stevia.  We had egg whites so I mixed in some green chiles to give it some flavor, and the roasted sweet potatoes had salt and pepper.  We also had Shakeology.

I really liked the lunch last week. By the end of the week Albert almost started to enjoy hummus!

For dinner we were supposed to have sirloin, and we did later on in the week, but Albert found some filets on sale so we upgraded for the first few days :)  The roasted Brussels sprouts weren't too bad.


23 October 2014

Balloon Fiesta from our Window

Albert took some shots of the balloons with his telescope from our bedroom window on October 10.  It's fun to see the special shapes :)  Everyone always says they're going to come visit us during the festival, but after three years I'm not sure if it'll ever happen.  The boys really like looking out the window in the morning and seeing the "boons" every morning for a couple of weeks.


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