03 June 2015

Explora! 2015

I took the boys to Explora! on the free summer fun day.  It was packed of course so it was tough to check out all the learning stations, but it was pretty fun.  It's always fun just to get out of the house and do something different. 

30 May 2015

Hummingbird in the House

On May 15th Albert left the front door open while he was taking out the trash and a hummingbird flew into our house and flew to the a window on the top floor above the foyer.  This window is not accessible unless you have a very tall ladder so we didn't know how to get him out.  

He kept bumping his nose on the window and it took him awhile to wear out.  He finally got tired after an hour and rested on the window sill. 

After it was clear he wasn't going to come down on his own, Albert climbed a ladder and grabbed him with our tiny fish net.  He was able to let him go outside where he flew away.  Crazy experience!

27 May 2015

Quentin Starts Taekwondo

Here's Quentin looking like his daddy wearing barongs :)

This kid loves his Shakeology :)  Beachbody should hire him to be in commercials!

Quentin officially started taekwondo at Master Jim's on April 22nd and he's been going three times a week.  

For the first two months he was the only one in the little kid class so he had lots of individual attention and has really caught on.  Some days he gets overwhelmed with all the focus, but overall he has been doing really well and keeps improving all the time.

20 May 2015

Family Photos 2015

A friend of a friend who is a photographer came to town from Utah and was offering short photography sessions. I had been following her work and talked Albert into getting some nice family photos taken since the ones we tried to take in Wyoming didn't really turn out this last year since it was SOO windy!  Check out London Photography Co. 

Wyatt wasn't into it at all, he hadn't been feeling well, but I am so happy with how they turned out! 

Here are our individual pictures:

We took pictures of us with each of the boys:

We hadn't taken pictures of just the two us in ages!

Fun group pictures!  Quentin was scared up on Albert's shoulders and kept grabbing Albert's face :) 

17 May 2015

Boys Healthy Videos

I like some roasted seaweed, but I wasn't sure the boys would share my affinity.  Wyatt surprised me by scarfing down seaweed :) 


Quentin is showing off two things things that he likes, his spider-man mask and stretching :)  He sometimes asks me to put on the TurboFire Stretch 10 so he can do it.  


15 May 2015

The Boys in April

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my babies during the month of April!

Shampoo mohawks! It's so hard to get a pic with both of them smiling at the same time.

All dressed up for church!

Eating dinner after church.

13 May 2015

DiNO-Light Show

While I was working out on the morning of April 7, got a call from my friend saying she had tickets to this show for kids at Popejoy Hall, which is a theatre on the campus of University of New Mexico.  She wasn't feeling well and wanted to know if we wanted to go.  We hurried out the door and made it in time!

Both boys really had fun.  It's a story about dinosaurs acted out by puppets lighted up in the dark.  They went through a list of rules before it started, which included no talking.  Quentin took this very seriously and told me more than once not to talk.

Quentin also really liked riding the shuttle bus back and forth to the van and still talks about it every time we see a bus.

Here is a video of company performing on America's Got Talent:

10 April 2015

Easter Weekend

My parents came into town on April 3rd and insisted Albert and I go on a date.  Of course we went (after I went to the mall with my parents and bought a fantastic vest and new workout outfit on clearance with coupons)! We went to our favorite place in the Albuquerque area, Indigo Crow Cafe.  

We had the wrapped brie for our appetizer and it was delicious!  Albert had the filet (like always) and I had the special, salmon on risotto.  Nothing better than eating truly delicious food, where you want to savor every bite!

On Saturday while Albert was at work, we watched conference and then dropped by the mall where I bought two new dresses on sale for $10 each at Old Navy and we ate lunch.  

We watched more conference and then when Albert came home from work we colored Easter eggs and then he went shooting with my dad.  My mom and I made ham, mashed potatoes & gravy, spiralized sweet potatoes, and roasted carrots for Easter dinner :)

Albert worked again on Easter and my parents left at about 9:00 AM so it was pretty low-key.  The boys did manage to eat all of their Easter candy in one day!  They still had candy left over from last Easter so I was pretty surprised.  Oh well, now we don't have to worry about it anymore.

I bought all the presents at the Dollar Tree.  I didn't get that many things.  I decided next year were going to just buy outside toys for Easter and maybe a chocolate bunny, but otherwise no candy.  Then I'll get some candy on sale the next day and have all their Easter candy be in the Easter egg hunt we'll do on Tuesday!

I made multi-grain waffles out of my mix from Trader Joe's and grain-free pancakes for my mom who is gluten-free (you can find that recipe here -- they're my fave) for breakfast.  The boys and I watched General Conference until Dad came home from work!

03 April 2015

Wyatt Turns Two!

We celebrated Wyatt's 2nd birthday on March 26th!  I can't believe it's been two years since he came into the world, it's like it was yesterday I was in the hospital, but also like he's been part of the family forever.  We love him so much!  

He's a man of few words, but he's starting to talk more and it's fun to know what's going on in his little mind :)  He and Quentin are best friends even though they get in little fights everyday.

When Quentin opens presents he rips one open and then immediately moves on to the next, not Wyatt!  He would open one present and then would cry when we would try and get him to open up another.  He loved all his presents!

Love these boys!

We bought special cupcakes this year!  We're on a mission to find the best ones in the Albuquerque metro area :) The red velvet one was the BEST of this bunch!

Wyatt was excited to eat his cupcake!  Yum!  Happy birthday little man :)

27 March 2015

Brotherly Love

We took the boys' pictures for their yearly books and they turned out so cute :)

Quentin - 4 yrs old
Wyatt - 2 yrs old


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