ATC Update: It's Moving Time! Again!

Remember how Albert has been trying to become an air traffic controller? Well, he went to school and took the test two yrs ago in December in Texas. Last year he received a tentative offer letter to go to Albuquerque, but his HR lady said it would be another 2-3 yrs because he was #24 in line to go there. So he found a permanent job at the FAA so I could quit my job when Quentin was born and we moved into our place in May. 

Well, on his birthday, October 25, he received his class date to go to Oklahoma City for four months and then onto NM. He starts December 15 and goes through to April 14!! It took us a few days to even decide we wanted to still go since it's such poor timing for us.  When Albert went to tell his boss he was leaving he tried to entice him with all sorts of bonuses and promotions so it wasn't an easy decision at all.  

We figure if he doesn't like being and air traffic controller we can always come back to DC and he can work at the FAA again since they love him so much.  If we don't do it now, he'll never get to be a controller due to the age limits and over all difficulty of getting in, in the first place.  Ready or not, here we go!

It's all so sudden!  We have been planning like crazy trying to figure out what we're going to do and how.  There are so many things to decide.  Should we drive/fly?  If we fly, should we buy/lease a new car?  Where should we live in Oklahoma and New Mexico?  What should we keep, what should we sell? Should we hire movers or try and do it ourselves?  Trying to balance between saving money and saving our sanity.

We've recently decided that Quentin and I will join Albert the entire time so we'll have to move all our stuff to Oklahoma City and try and rent out our condo by the time we leave.  We definitely want to be together for Christmas, New Years, Valentine's Day, and Quentin's birthday. I'm also thinking about going to Houston to see my dad and maybe see my family in Wyoming in January. 

We bought tickets to go to Florida for Christmas so we are going to go this month instead so Quentin can see his grandparents before he starts walking. It'll be nice to see everyone and re-group before the big move(s).

I'm a lot more attached to our condo and DC than I imagined I would be.  We've been talking about leaving ever since we got married, but it's strange to think we're actually going to do it.  I have lived here 7.5 years!  I'm pretty anxious about moving somewhere I've never even been before and planning on living there for the foreseeable future.  Hopefully we love it there as much as we've loved living here.  Luckily we have Facebook so we can still keep in touch with all our friends.  


Sara said…
It happened so quickly!! I will miss you guys so much! Good luck and I hope we do get to stay in touch.
Amanda said…
Good luck on your new adventure!! In OKC, I recommend living in either Edmond or Moore or SW OKC. All three have easy access to the airport (where I assume he'll be working/studying) and are nice areas of town. I can get more direct info on the SW OKC places that are nice (Shyla Blackketter lives in Moore so she can help point in the right direction.)
Dani said…
Wow! It sounds like such an exciting and stressful time for you and your family. I think you've made the right decision though. I can't believe he's going to be an ATC, that is really cool. I know it might be bittersweet leaving D.C. its such an enchanting place, but I know you'll settle in just fine to wherever you go and end up. I really miss D.C. sometimes (even though I was there for such a short time, especially compared to you). But, I love the feel of the West or Midwest. I hope you'll find it refreshing with the slower pace of life and "community" feel you can get once you get away from the east coast. I wish you all the best of luck in planning for and making the move! Let me know if you need anything along the way. If you ever make it through Denver/Boulder let me know. I'd love to see you and that cutie-pie baby of yours! Take care. -- Dani
kimi + joe said…
A lot to consider for sure and I completely understand your feelings/anxiety about moving and leaving so much that you love in DC. It'll be good though, and just think -- Colorado isn't too far from either NM or OK!! Yippy for me!

I wish I could help you move. When we were deciding whether to save cash or sanity we had a newborn so obviously sanity won over. Not an easy decision, but know that it'll work out either way.

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