Monday Movie Match-up: The Eagle vs. X-Men First Class

Albert and I love watching our free movie rentals.  Each of us gets to pick one and then we decide whose movie was better.

Last Monday Albert chose "The Eagle" with Channing Tatum who we saw in person at the USO sponsored special showing of "G.I. Joe."  If you've seen one Roman army movie, you've pretty much seen them all.  The story was a little different, but the feel of it was the same.  If you love Roman army movies then you will love this one.  There was a lot of battle scenes, no romantic story line, and the sadness of the reality of war.  It's all about honor and courage.  Very manly.

I chose "X-Men First Class."  We both enjoy pretty much every comic book movie that's come out and we've seen all the X-Men movies.  This one was the back story on how it all got started and I really enjoyed learning about the different relationships and why certain characters are the way they are.  It made me want to go back and watch all the other X-Men movies again knowing what I know now.

Winner: X-Men First Class.  It was unanimous.  Albert said this was his favorite of all the X-Men movies.  It kept you guessing and introduced new and old characters in a new way.  Of course the effect were cool on our big tv.  Plus it showed Oxford which was cool because I've been there.

Bonus movie:  We had an extra free code for Blockbuster Express so Albert rented me "Jane Eyre" to watch during the day.  Having never read the book, I found the story line of the movie to be very confusing.  So much that I had to look up the synopsis on Wikipedia.  The beginning skipped around and I couldn't tell if we were watching the past or the future for awhile.  Once I read the plot I really started to enjoy it.  It wasn't super clear, but I'm sure if you already knew what the movie was about you would like it better.  I don't know how it stacks up to the book, but it was definitely made for people who are already "Jane Eyre" fans.  

I enjoyed the character of Jane Eyre and appreciated the strong, moral, feminist person she was and despite her hardships she was not looking for a pity party.  Interesting note: the male lead was played by Michael Fassbender who also played Magneto in X-Men.


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