Fall Festival Fail

We had a fun filled Saturday planned for October 15.  We started out 90 minutes later than planned, but such is life with a baby.  It would have been ok except for all the traffic we ran into on our way to Shenandoah National Park.  Quentin wanted out of his car seat bad and we still had an hour to go when we decided to cut our loses and hang out at the Fair Oaks Mall so we could still make it to the USO sponsored Fall Festival, which started at 4:30 PM.  We ate at Five Guys and happily stopped by  H&M and Godiva until it was time to go.

We were really excited to go to the fall festival because the last time Albert and I went in 2009 it was lots of fun.  There was a lot of free food and we got our picture taken, a free mini pumpkin, there were costume competitions, a petting zoo, and they raffled off free bikes.  We were the only ones there without a kid so we were excited to take Quentin this time.  

This year it was held at a different base and it was outside.  There were a lot more people there and we ended up standing in various lines the entire time.  First we stood in a really long registration line where we assumed we would get a bag full of awesome goodies.  We just got an empty trick-or-treat bag and ONE raffle ticket.  Then we stood in a line for hot dogs where we only got one hot dog a piece.  We then wandered over to the cotton candy line, which was also long, but we wanted some sugar to off set the hot dog.  The popcorn line looked a lot shorter so we went and waited in that line, but a lady in front of us had like 50 kids and she kept asking for more and more bags so that ended up being really long too.  

The highlight was getting a balloon made for Quentin by a clown.  He loved it and wanted to chomp on it so we had to take it away because I was afraid it was going to pop in his mouth.  It ended up popping anyway.  They raffled off a barbie doll and some candy which we didn't win.  We didn't enter Quentin into the costume competition because there were so many kids and they had cooler costumes anyway.  Plus we didn't have a bunch of friends or family there to cheer for him so he would win.  

We're going to try the Shenandoah trip again.


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