Cirque Dreams Holidaze

Albert was able to snag free tickets to the Cirque Dreams Holidaze at the Kennedy Center on Thursday, December 9 from the USO, however we did pay $20 for parking so it wasn't exactly free.

JFK bust in the lobby

Opera House - event location

chandelier in the Opera House

pretty lights on curtain

It's super hard to try and take a self portrait with a camera phone so we had to take seperate photos of each other. 


handsome husband

the stage right after the curtain was raised

The show was...interesting.  My first was reaction was "this is Christmas on crack."  Albert's reaction was that it was "Tim Burton's Christmas."  There was singing of Christmas songs, non-religious except for "Oh Holy Night" which they sang at the end and seemed some how sacrilegious with the half naked trapeze artists in the foreground. 

Some parts were really cool. They had a lot of Chinese acrobatics that we liked, especially the yo-yo routine and the two parts with kids in it.  The strong men routines were cool, but I was little underwhelmed just because I've seen so many of the same routines.  The tight rope walker and juggler reminded me of the circus we went to in New York in October, which wasn't held at the Opera House at the Kennedy Center if you get my drift.  It definitely wasn't Cirque du Soleil so if you go keep your expectations low and you'll have a ball.

It was a nice break from Albert's school work and it was great to go out to a place that isn't Babies R Us.


kimi + joe said…
An outing aside from Babies R Us would be thrilling ;)
I actually really like BRU but understand the variety of other activities is nice too.

Sorry the performance was underwhelming. It's totally hit or miss with those things. I suppose the title of "holidaze" is perfect.

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