New York City

We had our last hurrah before Little Bean joins us and spent last weekend with our good friends Jax and Ed in the Big Apple. They took us to all the cute baby boutiques in Brooklyn...the clothes are adorable, but the price is surprisingly large for such small items.  I ate some fantastic pumpkin pie ice cream at Van Leeuwen, they have both a truck and store and I really recommend it if you happen to be in the neighborhood.  It's the real thing.

We tagged along as they took their dog, Luna for a walk in a cute nearby park and hung out with their cat, Ty who snuggled up against my leg while watching a movie, I'm a sucker for the kitty cats.

Albert finally got to go to Central Park as he reminisced about scenes from Home Alone and took pretty pictures.

Afterwards we went to an indoor fair.  It was pretty cool, but not tons going on in the large space.

We ate lots of good food and shopped, which is all I wanted to do in NYC.  Luckily the weather was fantastic and there was always a kind soul on the subway to let me sit down.  There are advantages to my ever-increasing abdomen, unfortunately the generosity hasn't found it's way to the DC metro system yet. 

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Cashelle said…
You guys are always doing such exciting, cool things. Congratulations on your babe. That is so exciting.

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