Kites of Asia

On Saturday, March 20 we went to see the Asian kite display at the National Air & Space Museum. I loved the tiny kites they had in the lobby area.  They and Tibetan artists to help kids make kites and write names in Tibetan.  We had a lady write our last name on a large bookmark.

At the far end of the museum they had an indoor kite flying display, which was pretty fun.  You can definitely tell the more experienced kite flyers from those with less experience, so some demos were better than others.  I made Albert pose for a picture.  We usually end up with tons of pictures of me since he's the photographer.

As a part of learning about Tibetan culture, they had a dancing and singing demonstration by the same group we saw at the Asian Festival last summer.  Their type of singing and dancing reminds me a lot of Native Americans, which I find so interesting.  I wonder if there's a link.  Kinda cool watching it with planes in the background.



M + D said…
So Fun! How do you find out about such fun things? :) Yea!

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