Murphy Bed and Workout Room

A month before Jasper was born in February 2016 Albert built a Murphy bed in our guest room which made it possible for us to create a workout room!  It went from a room that rarely if ever got used to a room that is used daily.   It is so nice to have my own space to workout that is close to the boys, but still in another room.  Plus I don't have to keep all my equipment in a box!

Here is a picture of the room before we bought the house.  We never painted the room so it's still green.

The room had become our junk room so we had to KonMari all that stuff and put it elsewhere.  We used the same mattress in the Murphy bed. Albert bought a kit with the mechanism that brings the bed up and down and includes instructions to make the bed from Create-A-Bed.  It definitely is an intermediate-advanced level of woodworking, but Albert was able to do it as a beginner, it just took him a long time to figure it out.  Albert added cabinets we bought from Lowes where we put bedding we use for the bed and other stuff.

We bought a shelving unit to put all my equipment on and we bought a new TV and Roku so I can stream my Beachbody on Demand :)

It's easy enough for kids to lift up!


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