Master Bath Remodel Design

So we've been making cosmetic updates to our house slowly over the past almost four years.  We're finally ready to take the plunge and do a complete update of our master bathroom.  Right now it's just builder grade materials that are covered with hard water stains and everything is the wrong size. The shower is way too small and the tub is way too big. The vanity is very low, as is the toilet.  The grout is coming up on the cheap tiles, it's dark - there is only one light which is above the vanity, and cold in the winter and mornings. Also the blinds are all torn due to damage from the sun.  

We've talked to a couple designers and a few contractors and all of them quoted the job at $30-35k!  When we remodeled our whole condo (all new 1.5 bath, a kitchen refresh, torn down a wall, painted the whole thing, installed a new electrical panel, put up crown molding, and replaced all the outlets and put in dimmer switches, among other small jobs) it cost about $15k and that was just outside of Washington, DC.  We can't imagine paying twice that for just one bathroom in New Mexico.  Our house is not worth that much!

So we have picked out all the products we want to use from Home Depot and we are getting quotes from a couple of contractors who work with Home Depot on Wednesday and hopefully we can get that price down to something reasonable since the materials are so much less expensive there than the ones the contractors/designers we talked to wanted us to use at the more expensive local stores.  So far I'm estimating the cost of the big ticket items to be around $8k so I'm hoping the labor will be around $7k. A pricier contractor estimated the labor to be a little over $8k so it should be in the ballpark. 

We want to enlarge our shower, put in in-floor heating, 2-3 can lights, and replace everything.  Wish us luck! We aren't planning on moving anything (other than the shower and tub faucets and drains will probably have to be moved over a little bit to accommodate the new sizes) so hopefully that will save us some money.

The wall tile is a porcelain carrara marble and is very glossy.  The shower floor tile is a carrara marble in a herringbone pattern, and the floor tile is a rustic, driftwood looking tile which I think is a nice juxtaposition with the wall tile and the other finishes.  The vanity is modern, all wood and hangs from the wall with a carrara marble top.  The tub is a small, but pretty free-standing tub with a wall-mounted faucet.  


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