First Trimester Outfits

Here are some of my favorite outfits I made during my first trimester.  This time around my belly really popped early!  That uterus is all stretched out :) I wore some maternity tops, but mostly flowy non-maternity tops.  I wore my bigger jeans with hair ties holding them closed and a belly band I bought on Amazon.

I have had a lot of fun coming up with creative outfits using Dressing Your Truth.  It's always hard gaining a bunch of weight and feeling crappy, but dressing in colors and styles that really work for your energy type is amazing.  I feel so much more confident this time around.  I can stay true to myself even though another person is taking over my body :)

I was pretty nauseous so I ate whatever sounded good all the time.  The only thing that helped me feel better was eating constantly and preggy pop drops.  I was also really tired so I cut back on my workouts.


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