Quentin's First Day of Pre-K

There is one pre-school here that is public and is really great, but depending on funding the amount of students is limited.  Luckily this year they let in a lot more kids and Quentin was one of the lucky ones!  Albert took some pictures of the boys on August 17 (we couldn't take pictures of just Quentin because these boys are inseparable).  

He was so excited to ride the bus!  It was pretty much the only thing he talked about for the first month of school.  We would ask him what he was doing at school and how he liked it and he could only talk about what buildings and roads they passed on the way to and from the park we dropped him off at.  He gets to ride the bus with his good friend Ike from church and a friend in his class Javon.

His teachers are Miss Aubrey and Miss Nicole and they are really sweet.  He learns all kinds of new songs and new things all the time.  Quentin is sad when he doesn't get to go to school, which is awesome. Wyatt is always excited when Quentin comes home from school. 


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