Laundry Room Remodel

We've been planning on remodeling our laundry room since we moved in, but finally got around to doing it.

Here are a couple pics of what it looked like when we moved in:

We painted it and added the washer and dryer when we moved in, but I really wanted to install cabinets, a drying rack, and a counter.

Albert made the drying rack by hand.  He used a kayak hoist so it will stop easily.  It has been really nice!

We filled up the cupboards with all the cleaning products I bought couponing.  Before I had them on the floor or in the pantry and it's so nice to have them put away.  Albert installed the cupboard by himself and I helped him hold it up :)

Albert spent a lot of time working on the countertop.  He even made a trap door where you can remove the door and get in to turn off the water.

Albert bought the inside of this cool pull out cabinet, but made the front of it.  I love how much storage there is!

Here is the new light we installed before we put up the drying rack.  I love having a pretty, sparkley light fixture in the laundry room :)   It's now one of the nicest rooms in the house!


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