Beachbody Summit 2015 // July 18

On the morning of Saturday, July 18 we woke up crazy early to check out the superworkout on Broadway.  We snuck up to the front and shimmied our way in :)  There were thousands of people there and we were in the front!

I took these pictures of the celebrity trainers with my phone. We were THAT close :)

I'm wore my new PiYo shirt I bought at the Core.

We went to our workshops were Beachbody coaches gave us tips on being better coaches and people :)

Here are pictures from our general session keynote speaker Dewitt Jones.  He was a photographer for National Geographic.  Honestly I was pretty tired and had a hard time keeping my eyes open during his talk.  Jenelle Summers also talked about social media.

We went to dinner at a Blues place.  I was pretty tired of fried food and BBQ at this point, but the music was good.  

Here are some of team members :)

After dinner we dropped by the end of the celebration.  The best part were the fireworks!


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