Beachbody Summit 2015 // July 17

I missed my Cize workout, but I did enjoy the workshops and general session on July 17th.  There were all sorts of people there.  All ages, all sizes.  Mostly white women, but there were men and various races.  There were people with babies and people who smoke (which was confusing, but we're all working on things).

Here's Chalene Johnson at the general session.  It was great to see her live after doing all her workouts and listening to her podcast :)

Here's some of the team after our workshops.

Loren, Jillian, me, Shayla, Elena, Katharine, and Janice

That evening we went to Maragitaville for dinner as a team :)

Back: Jillian, Loren, Stephanie's hubby, Janice, Shayla, & me
Front: Katharine & Stephanie


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