Old Town Albuquerque

On March 20th we met up with our friends that live on the other side of town to visit Old Town Albuquerque.  I'm embarrassed to say, we've lived here for almost three years and had never been there! Unfortunately our friends are moving to Utah at the end of the month so this was our last time hanging out :(

Our kids had so much fun running around together!  It was the perfect spring day. Overcast with no wind.

We visited the pretty San Felipe de Neri Church that was built in 1793.

I had a lot of fun checking out the old plazas and hanging out with Courtney.  It's really quaint and I'll have to take Albert there someday :) It reminds me of Santa Fe.

We also went out to eat at the Golden Crown Panaderia, which was so good!  We had pizza, cookies, and a blueberry empanada :)


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