Florida Trip | Daytona Beach

On February 8, 2015 we went with Albert's parents. two of his siblings and their families to Daytona Beach! The kids had so much fun!  Albert's mom's friend has a condo right on the beach and she let us stay the night, and when I say us, I mean Albert and I! It was the first time we had spent the night away from our boys, ever! We had so much fun going to the Cracked Egg for breakfast and just taking our time the next day :)  So relaxing!

The boys LOVED the beach.  Quentin loved getting in the water and Wyatt played with his cousin Caleb, who is only two months older, in a little puddle of water Albert created for them.  Afterwards we washed all the kids and hung out at the condo and ate pizza.  Then everyone went home except for Albert and I :)


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