Les Mills Pump Extreme

On January 7th I asked Albert to take a pictures of me doing squats.  I just needed one pic on my phone, but he got out the big camera and took a bunch of pictures.  Unfortunately he stopped before the end so I don't have pictures of the lunges, (of which I am very proud because I've moved up to 15 lbs on each side - when I started I could only do 5 lbs), shoulders, or abs. Oh well!  Here's almost the whole workout :)

Squats!  17.5 on each side.  I could probably move up to 20, but I have a hard time lifting that much over my head.  My legs are a lot stronger than my arms.

Chest! I've been wanting that sweet crease on my chest that strong people have and it's coming along.  I have been lifting 10 lbs on each side for awhile but I can still barely get through the track with that much so I'm not going up anytime soon.

Back! I lift 12.5 lbs on each side.  I like the clean and press, but not as much since I added that extra 2.5 lbs :) It's definitely a challenge.  Especially those wide rows!

Triceps are tough, but these raises aren't so bad.  That's a 10 lb weight.

Triceps part II.  This is a 5 lb weight.  

I added an extra 2.5 lbs on to the bicep track and I barely made it through. I was making some fun faces there at the end.  I have noticed some changes in my arms thanks to Pump and I am pretty happy with the changes in my body.  I love having more muscle!  I want to keep lifting weights 2-3 times a week.


momto9 said…
Hi this is celebrating from facebook:) I've been a gym goer for over a year now and love it. Will never quit! Keep up the good work!! Great way to start the day!

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