Christmas Cookies

On December 22 we went to Build-a-Bear to cash in the gift cards my dad and his wife gave to the boys for Christmas.  Quentin is a huge stuffed animal lover and loves TMNT.  Wyatt only likes stuffed animals when he sleeps or right after he wakes up so it was really hard picking one out for him since he wasn't really drawn to any of them. It was fun and Quentin really loves his Ninja Turtle :)

Later that day we make Christmas cookies.  I had some frozen Pillsbury sugar cookie dough that I finally got use and they turned pretty good.  A little too good.  I ended up eating most of them.  Thank goodness they're gone! Unfortunately they had a really excellent after Christmas sale at Sam's Club and I ended up with a can of chocolate covered peanuts and a giant box of Godiva chocolates.  I have little to no self-control when it comes to sweets, especially around 3 PM.

That night Albert and I went to his work Christmas party so we had a girl from church come and watch the boys while we ate lots of pasta.


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