Brothers & Friends

When I was pregnant with Wyatt I was worried about Quentin and how having a new sibling would change his life.  I had the distinct impression that Quentin and Wyatt were good friends before coming to Earth and were really excited to be brothers.  Some days they fight and make each other cry, but today (January 28) was different.  Wyatt threw all his grapes on the floor, which I'm trying to get him not to do.  I told him he had to pick them up, but he really didn't want to so Quentin volunteered to pick them up.  He jumped off his chair and picked them all up for him!  It was so sweet! Reminded me of my older brother, Jesus Christ, who did that for me.

Quentin has been particularly thoughtful lately.  When I get done working out and am all sweaty he brings me a paper towel to dry my face.  I never asked him to do it, he just saw a need and did something about it.  I'm just amazed that at not even four years-old he would be able to see past himself like that.  I have a hard time and I'm almost 35!  It's truly a gift.  

I really love energy profiling and the Child Whisperer so I can see and appreciate Quentin's special gifts he has been given as a Type 2.  He is so sensitive and emotional, sometimes it drives me crazy, but I know he relates to the world emotionally and that's just how he is.  I know I would try to change him if I didn't know that about him. 

It's easy to compare Quentin and Wyatt because they're so different.  Quentin is so great at expressing himself and is very eloquent for a three year-old.  He picks up new vocabulary very easily and has been complimented for having great manners at both school and at church.  Wyatt doesn't have great pronunciation (even for his age) and makes up most words.  He is good at drinking from a cup, something that Quentin just mastered.  He goes to sleep so easily, whereas bedtime has always been a struggle with Quentin.

They love playing together.  It's been great having a playmate for Quentin since he hates being alone, and it's nice to have Quentin watching out for his brother.  Anytime I have to go get Quentin from his room or preschool, Wyatt wants to come too. 

playing at the library 1.24.15

I'm always learning that different doesn't equal better or worse.  They each have their strengths and things that don't come as easily, but they are both sweet babies and I'm so blessed to be their mom.  They are gifts from Heaven.


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