Winter Festival

The city had this great Winter Festival on December 13.  The weather was so nice during the day, you didn't even need a jacket so when we left at about 3:30 we weren't prepared for cold weather.  Inside the Santa Ana Star Center they had Santa, free ice skating, and a craft fair.  We were a little late for ice skating and we weren't really prepared anyway.  Quentin did get to see Santa.


I didn't know they were having a parade, it wasn't on the advertisements, but we heard people talking about it so we decided to go check it out.  It ended up being really cool.  Much better than the 4th of July parade.  They had fun floats with lots of Christmas lights, horses, three bands, lots of kids' groups, and fireworks!  

It really cooled down and the wind picked up a little so our little jackets and my vest were just not enough.  I was really wishing I had my nice new down coat that I have been waiting to wear.  Next year we will definitely plan on going to the parade and will come dressed appropriately!   

They also had a few cool firetrucks and Santa at the end!  


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