Traveling Through Utah

On our way to Wyoming we stayed the night in Moab.  It was dark right before we got to Moab on November 23 when a cougar ran into the back of our van! It was pretty crazy and I've never heard of anyone hitting a mountain lion before.  It broke off a piece of our bumper, but otherwise everything was ok.

We left home earlier than planned so I didn't get a chance to workout at home as I had planned, but I used the workout room at the hotel.  I actually ran a mile and lifted some weights!  Luckily no one was there to witness it since I'm sure it was pretty hilarious :)

Here are the boys right before we loaded back up in the van.  They are so cute if I do say so myself :)

We went through a weird snow storm on our way from Moab to Provo and by the time we got to Provo it was beautiful! Unfortunately I got a call from my biological dad right when we were in Provo and he told me that my Aunt Lanice had passed away from a heart attack.  She was in the hospital getting treatment for bone cancer when it happened, but she had been doing really well so everyone was really shocked by the news.  

My grandma LuGene is in an assisted living home in Provo so we stopped by to see her.  Of course it was right during nap time so Wyatt cried pretty much the whole time.  It was nice to see her anyway :)

We drove up to Evanston, WY and visited with my Grandma who had just lost her daughter early that day.  We didn't take any pictures of it, but we were able to visit with her and my Aunt Mary for a bit. 


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