Thanksgiving Day!

All my siblings came to my parent's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  My brother's wife's parents also came so we had a nice number of people there.

Quentin was having a bit of a breakdown right up to when we actually ate.  Wyatt ate early so he could go to bed and Uncle Jesse (my brother) made paper airplanes with the kids.

The meal itself was great! My mom is a nutrition educator so of course it was pretty healthy.  Then I had a bunch of pie so that undid all my healthy eating :)  I did bring my Pump and PiYo workout programs and did that everyday.  My brother Jesse is really into lifting weights at the gym and he took my sister and I to the rec center to workout the day before so I was really sore Thanksgiving day :)

Thanksgiving was also my sister-in-law Jenna's birthday so my mom made her strawberry shortcake.

After dinner Albert and I went to JCPenny's, Herberger's, and Wal-Mart for crazy Black Friday deals.  We don't normally go to Wal-Mart and probably won't be going there again on Black Friday anytime soon.  It was super crazy and unorganized!  We're pretty much done with all the boys' Christmas though, especially Quentin.


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