Family in November

I've really been slacking on my posting!  Mostly because we didn't go anywhere cool until the end of the month.  Here are the top seven things that happened in November:

  1. Wyatt started talking!  He's always said little words like Mommy and Daddy, etc. but now he mimics what we say all the time, mostly what Quentin says, which makes it a lot easier to understand since it sounds like what Quentin just said.  He sounds like a drunk guy off of the Simpsons and other times like a mad cat.  It's pretty cute.
  2. We have been having dance parties on the regular.  Mostly right before bed.
  3. Quentin loves to draw and uses up all our paper :)
  4. I have been doing Les Mills Pump and mixing it up with PiYo.  I really like it!
  5. Albert went duck hunting with my dad and brothers and has been obsessed with finding the perfect shot gun.
  6. We visited Wyoming for Thanksgiving!
  7. Albert and I were asked to head up the ward (congregation) Christmas Party with only three weeks to plan (one of those weeks we were in WY for Thanksgiving)

[November 5]

[November 8]

 [November 9]

On Veteran's Day we went to Village Inn for breakfast and Olive Garden for dinner.  I got my hair cut!

 [November 11]

[November 12]

[November 14]


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