Halloween Festival & Trick-or-Treating

Breakfast at I-HOP on Halloween has become a bit of a tradition since we've done it two years in a roll now.  Albert gets his free birthday pancakes every October and the boys both get free Halloween pancakes so it's quite the deal.  We did have to wait a bit as everyone else in Albuquerque decided to go to I-HOP with their entire extended family.  The boys were actually pretty well behaved considering they didn't get to eat until like 10 AM and they usually eat as soon as they wake up at 7 AM.  We left full and happy!

Unfortunately Albert had to work that evening so the boys and I were on our own for the traditional Halloween festivities.  There's a church that throws a big Halloween Festival every year at a park that is all free and pretty cool.  We went last year and had fun even though it was super cold.  Luckily this year was much warmer.  

Quentin and Wyatt both had a really great time with all the games and they gave out tons of snacks and candy for each game they played.  They also give out hot dogs and snow cones.  We waited in line for the free face painting for along time, but Quentin and I agreed that we should just cut our losses and head back home for trick-or-treating.

We used the double stroller while we were at the festival, but it was really hard to get Wyatt in and out especially with his giant giraffe costume.  I opted to use our wagon for trick-or-treating which worked well except for getting Quentin in and out.  At the first house he tried to get out on his own and fell down.  Of course the home owner was at the door already giving out candy to another group of kids and though he was crying because he was scared of her Halloween decorations.

Wyatt was pretty tired by this time and I had to carry him a lot. 

We were all pretty tired by the end, but we still took time to go through their loot and have a little treat :)  Now we have to figure out what to do with it all!


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