Fall Festival

There is a nice festival every fall here in New Mexico that is FREE.  We went last year and lots of fun so we wanted to go again this year.  Quentin was talking about riding these trackers since last year even though they are too big for him and they can't really drive them.

Both boys really enjoyed feeding the goats :)

Wyatt LOVED petting the pigs and we had to drag him away crying.  Frankly I was a little scared for the pigs because he kept grabbing at them, but it was really cute :)

Rolling tires is harder than you'd think, and less fun, but the boys insisted :)

Playing in the corn pit was a lot of fun until a huge group of school kids came and started throwing corn and we had to leave suddenly.  I think it would be more fun to have a corn pit than a sandbox.

They had mini golf and this cool ball launcher we played with as well.

We also snapped a family pic!



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