21 Day Fix Results

I completed the 21 Day Fix challenge on October 26, 2014.  The workouts include boot camp, simple moves, but they really kicked my butt.  I was SO sore the first week, which surprised me since I had been working out on a regular basis for a few months.  I am not a huge fan of cardio, but it got a lot easier as I continued to get up every day and do it.  I really like Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Pilates, and Yoga and I like Dirty 30.

In the end I lost 2.6 lbs and 4.25 inches in three weeks.  I didn't think I would lose that many inches! This program really works!  I liked it a lot and would definitely recommend it especially to those who need to get their nutrition on track, which is a constant struggle for me.  You can see more definition in my abs for sure.  Here are my before and afters:


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