Walkin' Wyatt

Guess who's walking?!  He's actually been walking since the beginning of the month but he's getting better and better at it all the time :) Wyatt turned 18 months on September 26 and started really walking right after that.  He is so much happier now that he can participate in all the running and dancing that goes on at our house :)  He LOVES to dance!

These pics were taken October 2:

Here are some more walking pics taken October 6:

On October 11 our neighbors had a yard sale so we walked over there and back.  Wyatt did not want to stop walking and kept walking right passed our house and threw a fit when I made him come inside.  He does this cute Frankenstein walk.  I like the middle picture of him in mid-air :)  He doesn't even look concerned.

Here's a little video of Wyatt walking if these pictures weren't enough for you :)


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