Quentin started pre-school on August 5.  I went to see if I could sign him up on August 4, I was thinking it would start toward the end of the month, but they offered to have him start the next day every Tuesday and Thursday morning for three hours.  He was really excited to start, but the novelty wore off pretty quick and would always say he didn't want to go because he has to clean-up.  Welcome to life, kid!

He hasn't been napping at all lately and instead messes around in his room and sometimes destroys things, like a library book. I need a break during the afternoon so I decided to see if I could switch him to afternoon.  They had an opening for October so he started afternoon pre-school, which has been great for him.  He doesn't complain about going anymore and his teacher said that he helped clean instead of crying like usual :/  It's been good for him to go to school and really nice for us :)  

First day of Pre-school


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