Halloween Carnival & Trunk-or-Treat

Every year our church congregation (ward) puts on a Halloween carnival followed by a trunk-or-treat.  We bought Quentin a vampire costume, but it was too big so when I came across this construction hat I figured we could pull together a Quentin the Construction Worker (or engineer) costume.  

Quentin had a good time going around to all the carnival games and I enjoyed eating his donut and cupcake (I tried to share with everyone else, but they weren't interested for some reason).  Wyatt really liked throwing the bean bag and kept wanting to go back.  Too bad we didn't get more pictures!

After the carnival was the trunk-or-treat.  They had a trunk decorating competition but we didn't compete this year.  Just getting these really basic costumes put together was all we could manage on a Tuesday night (funny it's actually our Saturday night so we really don't have an excuse).  Albert had all sorts of ideas afterwards though so maybe next year!  

This is the one pic we got of Wyatt in his lion costume. He was actually really good at keeping the hat on and even gave me this nice smile :)  The boys got some candy, mostly dum-dums and smarties, but those are their favorites anyway.


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