Fitness clothes

I went through a time where I was a little obsessed with buying new fitness clothes.  Of course I got them for good deals :)  I bought most of them from JCPenney's on sale with coupons, but I bought a couple of non-fitness tops that I wear to workout in from 579 and Groupon.  

I also got some from Fabletics.  You can get a good quality (and cute) outfit for only $25 your first time around.  If you don't want to buy in the future you can cancel your account or skip every month.  You can go through this link to get your own if you're interested.  I also made a tank out of a t-shirt and of course there's me sporting my PiYo t-shirt I got for completing the PiYo challenge :)  It's not my colors, but I'm still not sure about dying it. I need to look into it more so I don't ruin it.


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