DYT Outfits // July - Sept

Since doing the PiYo challenge and losing 12 lbs and a pant size I've had to change up my wardrobe.  Luckily my mom gave me all her Type 4 clothes and she's small so I've had skirts to wear and don't look frumpy.  I have bought three pairs of pants (on clearance with a coupon at JCPenney's of course).  

I cut my hair shorter and it's taken awhile to get it looking the way I want.  I love the length in that I don't have to worry about it getting in my face ever, but I have a hard time wearing it two days in a row with out washing it because it sticks up like crazy after sleeping on it.  I can get it to lay down with a spray bottle, but it doesn't look as good.

I'm embracing my secondary Type 1 more with my hair since I can add more volume and it's been easier to do because I'm not fighting it to lay down.

My favorite July outfits:

My favorite August outfits:

My favorite September outfits:


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