Balloon Fiesta Park

Every year Albert's work has a drawing for getting tickets to the Balloon Fiesta.  Usually you can only get them every other year, but since no one wanted to go they offered tickets to the Fiesta on October 12.  Like last year the only tickets available were for the last day of the fiesta on Sunday morning.  I'd rather not go on a Sunday, but it's really cool and it's free for us.

Unfortunately it was windy the morning we went so they didn't get to fly.  They tried to blow up the balloons, but even that didn't go so well.

They have an old firetruck to carry around the firetruck balloon.  It was something to look at while we were wandering around freezing.  We tried to dress warm, but a full coat would have been better.

As soon as one balloon started inflating there was a mass migration from all over the field to check it out.

Getting the New Mexico balloon up.

Here is a video of them blowing up the balloon:

And another...

This one started to go down the moment it got up.

Pictures from around the park.


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