21 Day Fix // Week 3 (3 Day Quick Fix)

I'm DONE!! I love finishing a challenge.  It feels great!  Very few things make me feel better about myself than setting a goal and then accomplishing it and these challenges are a perfect set-up for doing just that.

For the last week I doubled up on my workouts, which was harder than expected.  I was tired and sore, but it was a good experience.  I'm glad to be down to one workout a day though :)

My favorite part of the challenge was the last three days when I did the 3 Day Quick Fix.  It is only to be done for three days.  You have six meals everyday with six proteins, two grains, and four vegetables.  So no fruit and no salt. It was hard, but I felt good while doing it.  I watched some videos of people reviewing the 3 Day Quick Fix and most complained that they were hungry.  I definitely wasn't hungry, but if I missed my two hour window it wasn't pretty.

I'd really recommend doing some serious prep work before you start so you aren't cooking all day.  I had actually gained a couple pounds during the challenge and I lost four pounds in three days (more than I lost during the 3 Day Refresh).

Here are my meals from the 3 Day Quick Fix:





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