21 Day Fix // Week 2

Week 2 was much easier on my body :) I wasn't nearly as sore as I was during week 1. I haven't been as diligent about the diet and that's starting to become more apparent. I can see my muscles are getting bigger, especially in my arms. Albert has been great about working out and bringing healthy food to work. 

For breakfast last week we had berries and grapes and melon, but I didn't have the melon.  I like to mix my fruit with lemon juice and a little bit of stevia.  We had egg whites so I mixed in some green chiles to give it some flavor, and the roasted sweet potatoes had salt and pepper.  We also had Shakeology.

I really liked the lunch last week. By the end of the week Albert almost started to enjoy hummus!

For dinner we were supposed to have sirloin, and we did later on in the week, but Albert found some filets on sale so we upgraded for the first few days :)  The roasted Brussels sprouts weren't too bad.



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