21 Day Fix // Week 1

I've been eating food from the special 8 Hour Abs Diet/21 Day Fix hybrid meal plan, which is eating the same thing everyday.  It's a big change for me because I love variety, but it's awesome for meal planning, which we haven't really done like this before.  

Albert is doing it with me, (workouts and all!) so it's been so easy getting his food ready to take to work and not having to worry about what to make for dinner is super nice. It's cheaper to buy a bunch of the same thing as well, but we've had to leave other food uneaten and rotting.  So plan wisely :)   I did get kind of tired of it after about five days and we switched it up for the weekend (still using the awesome meal plan and containers of course).

I really like the workouts, but boy am I SORE!   The nice thing is that they have a hard cardio workout followed by my preferable toning workouts for a few days, another hard cardio workout followed by toning and a blissful yoga workout on Sunday.  Seriously I have never been so happy to stretch out.  I am not a huge cardio fan if you couldn't tell :) I was kind of surprised just how sore I was considering I have been working out for a few months now.  My shoulders should be pretty awesome by the end of this because it feels like someone punched me in both of them.

So here's breakfast, lunch, and dinner for week 2!  

I highly recommend the dijon salad dressing in the 21 Day Fix nutritional guide.  So yummy!

We've been adding a little cedar plank to the grill and it tastes divine.  Best salmon I've had!  We had lemon pepper on it one night and it totally reminded me of growing up.  My dad is an avid fisherman and would grill salmon with lemon pepper all the time. We just used thawed freshwater frozen salmon and put them on tinfoil covered cedar planks.  Sprayed them with olive oil and sprinkled garlic herb or lemon pepper seasoning.


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