Making Dinner Fit in September

Things are coming along with my Brazil Butt Lift program and Albert often complements my behind :)  I'm also doing the 8 Hour Abs Diet, which is less of diet than just changing the time you eat.  It's by Melissa McAllister and it's free if you're interested!  I have lost another five pounds without really trying.  I've been consistent about working out for 30 minutes six days a week, eating fairly healthy, and drinking Shakeology everyday.  I feel really great with lots of energy.  I also had to buy new pants and my belts are all too big.  It's a good problem to have :)  I just feel so much more confident.

I'm also really liking being a coach.  Even more than I thought I would.  It was a little rough in the middle of the month, but it looks like my first big challenge group is going to be pretty great.  I'm excited to have my sister and sisters-in-law joining me to do the 21 Day Fix as well as some friends.  I'm also excited to try the 8 Hour Abs Diet and 21 Day Fix hybrid meal plan.  Of course I'll be posting about it.

I created a Facebook like page where I post healthy recipes.  You can like it on my blog or here.  Here are my favorite recipes of food I made in September.

One of my favorite sweet snacks is plain Greek yogurt with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips.  Yum!

I finally tried cauliflower pizza crust and it was good.  No gluten or grain and lots of veggies.  Don't forget to ring out the water.

These easy roasted sweet potatoes are surprisingly tasty for being so simple.  I like to make a batch of them and then warm them up during the week for lunch.

When you make this roasted banana make sure you use a banana you would normally eat, not an over ripe on, like I used.  You just cut it open and leave the peel on and spread peanut butter on and sprinkle mini chocolate chips.  Roast in the oven on 350 degrees until the chocolate is melted.  Yum!


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