Family Fun in September

We always read books at night before bed, but it's not a very quiet and peaceful time.  Here we are in Wyatt's room with my two crazies.  Wyatt is almost walking and he wants to run around so bad especially when he sees his brother having fun.

Quentin wanted to put on his Halloween costume we bought for him on clearance after Halloween last year.  I totally forgot what we had even bought, but apparently it's a vampire costume.  Quentin knows nothing about vampires except for that they are monsters who like to count and eat vegetables.  At least that's what his dad told him :) 

He was doing a pretty great vampire impersonation with his mouth all open and saying "I want to eat your vegetables!" but as soon as I got out the camera he started making the weirdest vampire faces.  The costume is pretty big even though it's a size 3 so I'm not sure if we'll stick with it for Halloween or not but it was pretty funny.

There's a Mexican restaurant by our house that's good and they have $1 tacos on Taco Tuesday plus kids can get two giant pancakes for $2.99.  The fajitas are pretty good as well so I had 1/2 of that.  Yum!

I was lucky enough to have my two little guys preferring to hang out with ME while Albert was there, so rare, so I made Albert take a picture :) Albert then took some selfies with Wyatt.  I love them so much!


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