Brothers Getting Big

Wyatt is the BEST sleeper.  I think they wrote all those "how to get your baby to sleep" books based off of babies like him.  He used to like us to rock him for 30 seconds before we put him in his crib and we both loved] to snuggle with him so much that we would fight to be the one to put him to bed.  Well, no more. He just points to his bed as soon as we walk in the door and we put him in his bed with his blankets and he smiles and waves and that's it.  AMAZING isn't it?!  He loves to be outside and will go down the slide by himself when his brother won't even do that.

Quentin loves it when I take his picture and he requests it often. He loves his kitty and when he gets home from preschool he will go upstairs and unwind with Kitty.  He'll roll around and hug him.  It's so funny.  He says funny things EVERYday.   He also has a major breakdown at least once a day.  I hear four is better and I'm really looking forward to it.

Quentin can be super sweet to his brother and it's cute when he helps him out, but a lot of time he drives him crazy and knocks him down. I'm hoping to cultivate a love of tennis in my kids.  I played in high school and really enjoyed it so maybe they will too :)  So far so good.


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