Making Dinner Fit in August

I just finished the PiYo challenge, but I'm still going strong with my eating healthy goals.  I decided that I'm going to do the Brazil Butt Lift program for awhile.  My mom gave it to me awhile back and so far I really like it!  It has great toning workouts that use the same techniques that I do in my barre class.

Albert decided to join me in eating healthy and signed up for my free 7 day diet challenge.  We'll see if he sticks with it!

Here are my favorite healthy recipes from August :)

I really loved this zucchini lasagna.  It doesn't have any noodles in it, but lots of veggies and it's pretty cheesy.  I was able to eat it for lunch for a week! Yum!

This roasted chicken and butternut soup was really good.  The ingredients are so simple, but taste so good!  I used rotisserie chicken, which made it even easier.

Our favorite special thing to make is grilled veggies with filet mignon.  We put all the veggies on a grill pan and spray them with olive oil and sprinkle garlic salt on them.  We love the Great American Land & Cattle Co. Steak 'n' Meat Seasoning for our steak.

Albert was really happy about this taco salad! I took leftover shredded beef roast and made taco seasoning with it.  I used quinoa chips, a kale/spinach mix, green peppers, onions, cheese, and avocados.  So good!


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