Tent Rocks

On July 12 we went to Tent Rocks.  We wanted to finally get out and explore New Mexico after living here for two years! It's a really pretty place with a fun hike.  We're not hikers and it was challenging carrying two kids up the mountain, but we were able to do it.  There were a lot of senior citizens out hiking so I'd say it's doable even for those who don't normally hike.

Quentin did really great hiking on his own about 3/4 of the way up the mountain.  He had a good time.  Wyatt liked it too. He fell asleep about 1/2 way up.

I felt great! It was the first time I really noticed my new found energy from working out and eating right.  I was able to climb with Wyatt strapped to me with no problem.  I felt a strange high towards the top of the mountain where I just wanted to keep going!  It was a very new feeling to me :)

Albert got in a good workout carrying Quentin up the last quarter of the climb and then all the way down. We had to bribe Quentin with the promise of ice cream to come back down.  The view from the top is very nice, but there isn't really anywhere to sit that isn't covered in bugs.  We made do. 

A well deserved ice cream cone for the boys after the hike.  Unfortunately I hurt my back carrying Quentin and could barely move the next day after I gave a talk at church the next day.  I had to start going to the chiropractor to get that all fixed up.


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