Making Dinner Healthy

Quentin finished his swimming lessons this week and he passed!  On the last day they had the water slide on and food.  It was fun.

We drove all the way across town, which isn't far, to Trader Joe's.  Quentin LOVES Trader Joe's because they have carts.  I did a lot of research on what was the best HEALTHY food to buy there and came up with a pretty good list.  I was able to buy almost everything and have been happy with the results so far.

Thursday we went to our friend's house for a play-date.  There were other moms there with their kids from church and they had lots of food and a pool with water tables.  The kids had a blast and it was fun for me to chat with other ladies.  It was an opportunity for me to test my will power :)  I did pretty well.

Friday evening we went to a Polynesian dancing event at the library.  It was fun.  Not as good as some others I've been to, but I've seen really great dancing in Hawaii and DC so it's not fair to compare :) Wyatt was really freaked out by the fire dancing at the end and was really shaking.  

My second week of my PiYo challenge has been going lots better.  I'm no longer dealing with sugar withdrawls and it's getting easier to eat healthy.  Coming up with meals to eat has been pretty consuming, but it's also been fun to try new things.

I have yet another Instagram account for food @makingdinnerhealthy, if you're interested.


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