Making Dinner Fit in July

Doing this PiYo challenge I've totally revamped my eating habits.  I'm not a huge fan of vegetables, thus I didn't eat a whole lot of them, so I've been on a mission to try a ton of different recipes so that I can find ones that I like.  I created an instagram where I post all the food I've been making called @makingdinnerfit.  We've been grilling a lot which I LOVE. It's the best way to make everything taste great.  

Albert eats dinner with me, but is not afraid to bust out a bowl of ice cream afterwards and eat fast food for lunch.  So we're working on that :)  I've been happy that the boys have been interested in my food, drinking green smoothies and taking bites of my food.  Sometimes it makes me sad to think that I ate so poorly before, but I'm happy that I've made the change.  I can't believe how much energy I have now!

These are my favorite recipes that I've made over the past month.

We really love these marinated chicken breasts and they're very healthy :) It's also good to eat as left overs on salad.

This Grilled Salmon with Tomatoes & Basil is very good.  Make sure you put it on tin foil otherwise it won't have the nice crust on it. 

These taco zucchini boats were a great way to get more veggies.  I used leftover taco meat so that made it easier.  

I bought a spiralizer and made this zucchini pasta with home made pasta sauce and frozen turkey meat balls from Trader Joe's.  The meat balls are great and the boys love them too!  Yum!

One of my favorite snacks is sprouted whole-grain bread with avocado and a fried egg on it.  Yum! 


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