Happy Birthday America!

The church breakfast started at 8:00 AM, but we were late and missed the flag ceremony.  We did not miss breakfast, however :)  The men in my family were very excited about all the bacon that was available.  They also ate some pancakes.  I took a bite of the pancakes and they were pretty good.  Otherwise I just had a bunch of scrambled eggs with lots of salsa.  

Quentin was most excited for the parade because he had such a good time last year.  Wyatt was old enough to actually enjoy it this year and loved the American flags we were given.  We were able to get a great spot again this year right by the road so we could sit in the back of the van.  Next year we should bring a bad for all the candy they hand out.

The white tooth looking things are actually vertebrae of your spine.  It was for a chiropractor's office.  Lots of people running for office and businesses, which were kind of lame, but there were some cool tae-kwon-do demonstrations and a gymnastics school doing flips.

At the end were the little kids who decorated their bikes.  I didn't realize this was a thing so maybe next year (or the year after that) Quentin can participate.  Our neighbor girls were there so it was fun seeing someone we knew along the parade route.  Quentin is OBSESSED with all things firemen and wears this old broken fireman hat he got from a firefighter once.  I actually bought him a nicer one, but he lost it when we were car shopping so it looks like we'll have to get a new one.

We bought this little pool for the boys and they like it pretty well.  Wyatt didn't like it as much as Quentin did and wanted to get out not long after he got in.  We then played with the pops fireworks and sparklers.  Wyatt did not want to throw the pops.  He just liked holding onto them tightly and attempting to eat them every-so-often so I really had to watch him.  Quentin had a blast running around with the sparklers and we had to be firm about not getting them around other people.

Quentin didn't have a nap, so he was too tired to stay up and watch the fireworks, but Albert had a good time taking pictures and making a little video of them from our backyard.  I'm not really into fireworks myself.  I think they last entirely too long.  I wish they would just do the finale and be done with it.  I'm weird that way.  I used to like watching them more when I was younger and it was more of a social event.  Like going to a football game even though you don't actually watch the game so much.

Here's the video Albert made of the fireworks.  He stayed up late editing it and make it all fancy.


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