Cheat Meal

On Saturday we went to Tent Rocks and hiked all the way to the top.  I had Wyatt strapped to me in the Ergo carrier and I was surprised how much energy I had.  I felt like I could bound up the mountain.  It was fantastic!  

Quentin did really well for about 3/4 of the way to the top when Albert had to carry him the rest of the way.  The only way he would come down from the top was when we bribed him with ice cream from Burger King and of course Albert had to carry him.  I looked up the healthiest thing to get at Burger King and decided on a Whopper Jr. without mayo.

On Sunday I had to give a talk on keeping covenants which I likened to healthy eating.  Afterward I doubt anyone remembered the spiritual content of my talk, but many were inspired to eat healthier or wanted to relate their journeys in fitness.

My upper back started bothering me last week, but not very bad.  After church it really started hurting. Probably from carrying Wyatt on our hike.  I couldn't move and had to lay with ice on my back.  Albert was able to pop my back and that helped until I could go to my chiropractic appointment.  I have to go twice a week, but my insurance covers massages so that's nice.

I've been waking up at 6:00 AM every morning to do my daily PiYo workout, which has been hard, but has made me so much more productive.  I actually have energy to do housework while the boys are napping, well Wyatt naps and Quentin sometimes naps.  Some days they wake up early and it's hard to get the workout done with having to stop every five minutes to get this or that for them.

The family who has been living in our condo in Virginia moved out, but luckily we were able to get new tenants lined up for August.  There is a lot of work to be done to fix up the place because there were leaks in the roof which caused some water damage and we need to get the carpets cleaned, etc.  I really wish we lived closer at times like this.  It would be so much easier!

We had a BBQ for Relief Society, (the women's group at church), and I had decided to use this occasion for my first "cheat" meal.  I of course ate way too much dessert.  I still have to try and figure out how to have a cheat without over doing it.

On the 17th I told Quentin that all the breakfast cookies were gone and that Albert had been eating some too for his breakfast. Quentin said he could push the red button on the machine and make himself tiny. He would then go into Dad's mouth and retrieve the breakfast cookies for his little brother to eat. Now that's an interesting idea! Way to be a problem solver Quentin.


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