Challenging Myself

On Monday I started my PiYo Beachbody 60 day Challenge!  I've never done a challenge like this before so I've been a little apprehensive.  The first few days were rough because I went through some sugar withdrawls.  I was so tired!  I had been using sugar to keep me going through the day since I don't drink caffiene and we always had a little treat after we put the boys to bed.  No more!  I've been researching healthy meals that I can make and it hasn't been as tough as I thought it would be.  I have a hard time committing to things, but once I do I'm all in.  It's my "all or nothing" part of my nature. 

Albert and I both get up at 6:00 AM and so we've been trying to get to bed by 10:00 PM.  It hasn't been too bad getting up early, it's the only way I can workout before the boys wake-up.  Sometimes they wake-up early and then I get them breakfast and finish my workout.  

Luckily the workouts aren't very long, only a half-hour (that's about all the time I could possibly give to a home workout).  They are a little different than going to a live PiYo class, but the basic elements are there. It's actually been really good to slowly go over all the poses to make sure I'm doing them right.  I'm still going to my live PiYo, barre, and yoga classes.  I bought these Groupon and Living Social deals before and I have to use them up!

Quentin started his first ever swimming lessons on Monday and he's really liking it.  It's fun to watch him with his teacher in a group setting.  Wyatt was so jealous, he wanted to get in the water SO bad.  Maybe next time little buddy.

The boys had fun at the church 4th of July breakfast and the city's parade afterwards.  We bought a little swimming pool and they played in that and the little pop fireworks and sparklers.  We were going to let Quentin stay up to see the fireworks, but he was too tired so off to bed he went.  


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