Trying to be Healthy

Albert started his new work schedule this week so he only had one day off last weekend and that was Sunday so we were at church. We missed hanging out with him this week.  Plus he's been studying a lot in the evenings.

There were some great deals at Target this week so I went there a couple of times early in the week and we went to the library later in the week.  We have so much mouth wash and shampoo.  I love it!

The sister missionaries came for dinner on Monday and I made my chicken recipe again for them.  On Thursday night I went to my friend's house and learned about essential oils, which is really interesting.  I could be into it.  I like the idea of it anyway.  I'm getting more into natural stuff lately.

I've been branching out with my Ideal Shakes and making smoothies every morning, which is kind of fun.  I even got my meal planning document out and make real dinner during the week.  I logged into an old weight loss app where I was keeping track of my weight awhile back and I realized I lost 22 lbs since June 2013 and 10 lbs since October.  I probably ruined all that with the massive amount of Pizza Hut pizza and bread sticks I ate on Friday though.  I am loving PiYo and still going to zumba.  I also have been adding an at home work out, usually just toning.  

Wyatt is getting really good at pulling himself up and walking with help.  He is so fast at scooting and can really get around.  His favorite thing is pulling out all the tupperware from the cupboards.  He blew Albert's mom a kiss over face time.

Quentin has been really into calling Albert's parents in the morning so we called them a couple times this week.  Quentin is pretty good at talking on the phone for about three minutes and then he wants to go do something else.  I'm not really into talking on the phone that much myself, but it's been good catching up.


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