New Schedule

My dad is learning how to fly so Albert bought him a flight lesson groupon he got for a really good deal that he used on Saturday morning while my mom and the boys went shopping on the east side of Albuquerque. We had fun checking out all the nice shops and we finally ate at Taco Cabana.  

Saturday night Albert and I had a date while Grandpa and Grandma watched the boys.  I had a coupon for Ironwood restaurant and a free movie coupon for the theatre plus we had 1/2 price shakes at Sonics.  The food was pretty good and we really liked the X-Men movie.  I think it was the best one yet.  While we were out my mom told Quentin when he comes to visit them they would make a pinata with candy in it.  Now he talks about how he wants to go on a trip to Grandma's house and how they are going to make a pinata all the time.  Sunday my parents left early before church and we took a picture.

Like his brother, Wyatt is also interested in the human body.  When I went to get him in the morning he started wiping his hand on me.  It was dark so I didn't notice that his hands and chin were covered in poo.  Quentin didn't start getting into his poopy diaper until he was two, but I was better at keeping him in onsies.  Even when I change his diaper he is always reaching for his bum and despite my efforts usually gets some poo on his fingers which he likes to wipe on me.

Albert found out his new schedule this week.  He will be starting his training over so he'll be working the regular Monday through Friday for the next few months.  It will be nice to have him home at night and on Saturday, but we will miss having him home in the mornings during the week.  It was like having a longer weekend that way.

Since Albert was working Tuesday nights and I couldn't go to the weekly meetings for my church calling, they switched me to be the Young Women's Secretary, that way I don't have to be at the weekly meeting or teach on Sunday.  I found out last week before we knew about the schedule change, but it's nice to be doing something different anyway and Albert's schedule is temporary. 


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