New Car

Saturday we went to a farmer's market to check things out.  Father's Day was pretty low-key.  We had Stake Conference so we had time for a nice breakfast and the opening of gifts before church. 

This week we had to buy a car.  We have been talking about trading in the Prius for awhile, but on Tuesday some big check engine lights came on so Albert took it in to get looked at and found out the battery was dead.  It's a hybrid so having the battery is sort of a big deal and quite expensive to replace.  So Thursday Albert had to take the day off and we visited a few dealerships to look at cars he had seen on the internet.  We ended up getting a good deal for a slightly used Hyundai Elantra.   It's way nicer than the Prius and still gets pretty decent gas mileage.  Albert is super excited to drive it to work and finally be able to beat all the other cars at green lights.

After we got home I went to my hair appointment and chopped my hair off.  I have been wanting to cut it for awhile and even though Albert and even my mom who has had short hair for 30 years weren't that excited about it I decided to do it anyway.  I had to keep telling myself "it's just HAIR! It will grow back!"  Well I love it so I don't care if it stops growing :)

I was pretty exhausted on Thursday night from having to entertain the kids while Albert went out on test drives, but I went to the Aquarium and BioPark early on Friday morning because it was free.  We were supposed to meet up with a bunch of people but one group thought we were meeting the zoo and the other friend had a migraine so it was just me and the boys, which was still fun.

Wyatt is starting to pull himself up more and he likes to play standing up.


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